Hi there!

IMG_20180524_140146_022I’m a twenty-two year old Creole (Kriol) girl born and raised in the country of Belize. 

Though I often tell myself that I’m going to one day become a forensic pathologist, writing is thing that keeps me grounded. It’s the thing that I use to make sense out of life. Over the years I have come to learn that writing about life and reality – my reality, at least – brings with it a sense of awareness and understanding. Likewise, writing from the imagination brings with it joy and peace. And so when work is over (xiaban ba~)  and it comes time to unwind, this is the place where I share my thoughts, my sometimes pointless ramblings, and some of my creations.  I hope that in writing about my experiences I can intrigue or maybe even help a few people who find themselves in similar situations as myself.

And with that said, I do hope that you enjoy reading.